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Baseball jersey hanging up with glove, hat, bat and balls


Why should my team join?

SCHEDULE  – TSMBL makes the schedule for you! We will schedule your games around your teams availability.   Teams may schedule around blackout days, tournaments, etc. – but everyone plays the same number of league games per season, weather permitting.   

THE REGULAR SEASON MATTERS – All teams do NOT make the playoffs, so you need to play your games.  Playoffs are viewed as a reward for the teams that earn the right to be there. 

ORGANIZED & PROMPT COMMUNICATION – Our WEBSITE (WWW.tristatemetrobaseball.COM) is updated  with game schedules, results, discussion board, & live standings! We have access to THE best  umpires in the area, and as long as you're playing a league game, we schedule the umpires for you.

AFFORDABLE – Our league does not have extra costs – NO extra town fees, no extra umpire assignor fees, no extra forfeit bonds – you simply pay one registration fee ($350). We schedule your games, assign the best area umpires, and facilitate competition in the most organized league in the area,


Who Should we contact for information about the Tri-State Metro Baseball League?

Email George Zeolla and/or Dave Lopez